Who Am I?

A couple of weeks back I saw a post on Victoria Oldham’s blog about things she liked. It was a list of seemingly unrelated words that described things in her life or about herself of which she was fond. It reminded me of a stream of consciousness exercise I had to do once in a college writing course. That was both fun and frustrating.

I liked the list idea so much that I’ve done something similar, but my list is about describing me. Since I’m using this blog as a tool in my journey of self discovery, this fits right in. So, this is my top-of-mind, stream of consciousness description of myself. I constrained myself to whatever resulted in 15 minutes and edited only for spelling.

I’d love to hear your thoughts; leave a comment and try a list of your own, either here or on your own blog.

Who Am I?

Strong, stoic, purposeful, steady, stalwart, warm, careful, watchful.
Tremulous, wary, hopeful, longing, wanting.
Pacific, deliberate, methodical, thoughtful.
Staccato, rhythmic, hungry, passionate.
Solid, steadfast, earnest, honorable.
Alone, selfless, searching, lost.
Alienated, separate, sanctified.
Nervous, pensive, cerebral, studious, contemplative, quiescent.
Double image, two-spirited, public self, private self.
Changing, restive, confused, fearful, private, withdrawn.
Questioning, learning, seeking truth.
Fevered, restless, tense, yearning.
Content, peaceful.
Pleasant, kind, tender, happy, funny, joyous.
Young, old, wise, naive, worldly, new.
Sheltered, serene, spoiled, industrious, creative, smart.
Big, masculine, plodding, meticulous, fervent, serious, careful.
Conservative, generous, tenacious, resilient, elastic, understanding.
Girl, unknown, anonymous.
Clean, untouched, inexperienced, innocent.
Sullied, soiled, rejected.
Last, least, ugly, crushed.
Hurt, wounded, broken, wrong.
Less than, not enough, too much.
Whole, well, resigned, solo.
Needed, useful, workhorse, productive.
Professional, masterful, knowledgeable, leadership, rank.
Mournful, lonesome, solemn, calm.
Fidgety, anxious, itchy, squirming.
Restful, still.
One, unique, original, sufficient, full.
Prideful, stubborn, sharp, linear.
Genuine, true, faithful, loving, caring, tender, compassionate.
Powerful, decisive, firm.
Silly, fun-loving, snarky, flip.
Listening, learning, teaching, growing.
Measured, pacing, structured, planning, organized, outlined, plotted, placed.
Organic, natural, asymmetrical, fluid.
Unstudied, easy, relaxed, casual.
Formal, precise, exacting.
Open-handed, open-minded, accepting, giving, ecumenical.
Decided, knowing, present, aware.
Oblivious, ingenuous, nascent, curious, puzzled.
Catalytic, charismatic, persuasive, smooth, confident.
Confused, bumbling, clumsy, thick.
Distracted, erratic, capricious.
Focused, definite, leading, fortified.
Self-aware, healing, dealing, managing, succeeding.
Glad, grateful, worshipful, prayerful.
Imaginative, eccentric, goofy, fun.
Serious, mindful, calculating.
Praising, encouraging, uplifting, supportive.
Happy, at ease, healthy, free.
Constrained, fiduciary, obligatory, oath.
Western, modern, technological, geek.
Medieval, old fashioned, passé.
Rural, provincial, pastoral, quaint.
Urban, angular, hard-edged, unbending, architectural.
Bland, neutral, blending, filler.
Bright, engaging, energetic, talkative.
Quiet, observant.
Economical, saving, planning.
Vibrant, evocative, challenging.
Whole, self-sufficient, authoritative, meaningful, knowledgeable.
Driven, goal-oriented, sound.
Loud, expansive, verbose, selfish.
Taking up space, too big, too bold, too loud, too opinionated, too sure, too much.
Self-satisfied, smirking, jerk.
Kind, good, humble, noble, pure.

Still searching for more…


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