Questioning, but so happy

If you look all of my posts so far, which are my first blog post anywhere ever, you might be misled into thinking that I’m not happy. A lot of stuff has accumulated over the years, pinging around in my head, screaming to get out. That’s what these feeble first essays are. But now that they’ve been collected in one spot, their proximity & frequency may give a false impression of discontent. Thinking deeply, confronting assumptions and prejudices can stir a lot of emotion. So the tone of these first posts might seem a little negative, or gloomy.

I’m questioning. I’m uncovering new facets of my truest self. I’m working my way up to a Big Decision. I’m confronting fear. That’s a lot of feelings (not my faves, BTW), which can translate through my written voice as serious or dour.

But I’m not unhappy. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, I am greatly blessed. My cup is full, packed tightly and overflowing with exceptionally awesome people and things for which I give thanks daily. I’d be hard pressed to be fundamentally unhappy in the face of so much goodness.

It is my mission to face every day with a smile. To that end, I thought I’d share 7 (I love random numbers) things that make me happy and for which I’m immensely thankful:

– My family: two brothers and their wives, a sister, nephews, nieces, an aunt, an uncle and the enduring memory of my parents and grandmother. They love me, which is a precious gift.

– Friends: my bestie is a source of laughter and joy, she makes me think and accepts me as I am; assorted childhood and college pals and a few friends of my adulthood, all of whom challenge me, appreciate me and provide fellowship.

– My job: at the risk of sounding arrogant, I’m a kick-ass attorney and my job rocks!

– Tech Toys: I can’t lie, I’m a total gadget geek. iPad, Nexus 7, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Roku, among my many faves.

– Teh Internets: there is an entire universe of awesomeness hidden in the interwebs and I can access it from almost anywhere on my smartphone!

– Art Supplies: another form of nerdiness, I geek out on wire, beads, hand tools, pencils, sketch books, clay, wax, paint, and on, and on. Gotta make time to play with this stuff!

– Media of all types: books, movies, music, tv, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, DVDs, ebooks, video games, etc., they’re all like pudding to me–can’t get enough.

There is so much more, but I’m stopping there for now. What’s your happiness?


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