Yes, yes I am!

OMG, you guys!! I tweeted a bit earlier, but I’m so excited I just have to share.

So, first a tiny bit of back-story: I’ve been with my company for quite a few years and have, for all of that time, had to lead from the back. Seriously, my managers (3 so far, plus two,step-managers) have all been slackers to varying degrees. But, last year I was given a shot at managing a big team for the first time. I’ve done a good job and been recognized for it along the way.

But today, it got soooooooo much better!! My CLO (chief legal officer) called out my accomplishments in a hugely complimentary & public way. Not only a big pat on the back, but also a huge opportunity for much more responsibility & advancement. He removed the last hurdle between me and an executive leadership position!!! Now it’s up to me. My professional destiny is now 100% in my own hands.

Ahh, validation of all my hard work! Sweet!

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