Positively Dressed

Ok, so yesterday I committed to focus on the positive this week. After listing more than five things that I like about myself, I went to bed last night determined to face Monday with a smile and a positive attitude. For the most part, I succeeded, despite a very trying 13-hour day full of meetings, calls and crises. I’m tired, but happy with my effort and feeling good about making it through the entire week on a positive note.

One thing I promised I’d be positive about was my body, a source of consternation for me, to say the least. I am TOTALLY counting feeling good about how I look in my clothes as being body-positive. Never mind that it sounds more clothes-positive than body-positive, per se; I’m taking what I can get from an over-taxed brain.

So, this was my look today and I felt really good in it all day: deep purple, point-collared Geoffrey Bean men’s dress shirt, charcoal grey suit vest, black jeans and black leather square-toed harness boots.

Since I work in a fairly casual environment, I was definitely more dressed up than most people I work with. But it made me feel great to be dressed comfortably in clothes that fit fairly well and looked nice. Despite the unmistakably masculine nature of my attire, others thought I looked nice, too. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you feel comfortable about how you look.

Here are some pics of today’s look.  ImageImage

Tomorrow, I’ll try a repeat of today’s attitude plus some. Stay tuned!

4 comments so far

  1. Femmi on

    Seeming as I didn’t actually leave a comment and only tweeted you, I thought I’d leave a quick comment.

    One: I love your boots. They are kick ass boots.

    Two: you have a great sense of style

    Stay sexy S4S.

  2. kfemme on

    Love the suit! Very handsome!

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