Positively Skilled

Day three and I’m still on the positive band wagon. I even passed the positivity forward to one of my admin assistants today, when she was on the verge of taking a machete to a salesman in frustration. She and I had a little Karate Kid moment (wax on, wax off) and looked for the bright side together. (Yes, I am that big of an 80’s movie geek.) She felt better, the sales guy still has his…erm…parts, and all is right with the world. But that’s not even my “positivity” thing for today; it just shows that I’m working the “looking for the silver lining” thing.

Instead, what I wanted to share was about another mini-epiphany I had today. I was in the middle of about seventeen separate contract negotiations when a product developer dropped into my office in a panic and needing my help. As I was trying to assist, I caught myself thinking: “I’m a lawyer, not a software engineer, why’d he come to me?” Before I could suss it out, he moved on and someone else, another pro from an entirely unrelated functional area, took his place.

It occurred to me then that I’ve got skills! People come to me for advice and assistance because I’m smart, hard working and I know what I’m doing. How reaffirming is that!?

Thinking it over, I’ve known this for a while. I am sought after by people from cross-functional teams and executives from my company. I’ve even had customers tell their account managers to consult with me, by name, when issues arise after contract and they want an internal ruling.

My conclusion is, as I’ve recently been reminded in a pleasantly public way, that I’m really good at my job and people value my opinion. So, my positives for today are: leadership, partnership and dedication.

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  1. A Spare Mind on

    cross functionality and dashing suits to match. “hawt!”

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