Hearing My Positives

Listening and hearing, ideally, go together. But they are two different things. Hearing implies understanding, a degree of ownership and internalization of the idea you’re listening to. Hearing is active, while listening is most often passive.

Really hearing life’s lessons takes work. You have to face daemons, confront flaws, and generally do some seriously scary things. Hearing your own personal truth is the hardest of all.

But merely opening your figurative, emotional ears, taking that first step is huge progress. Letting yourself be ready to hear, making the conscious choice to be still long enough to let the message in, sets you apart from most of the rest of the world at any given moment.

I know that I didn’t want to hear for a very long time. Filling every waking moment with activity, concentrating all my mind on doing things to drown out the sounds of lessons I didn’t want to learn. But when I chose to begin looking at my life, improve the quality of my living, I had to learn to be still and hear.

Now, at the beginning of this new journey, I’m beginning to appreciate some of the things I’m beginning to hear. This week’s effort toward intentional positivity, for instance, has given me loads to think about.

Aside from lessons, being still and listening can also reveal opportunities. It’s so easy, when looking so closely into ourselves to improve what we feel is lacking, to forget that others around us are on the same journey. If we listen to each other, we might hear a call for help that only we can fulfill.

In addition to all the positivity I’ve blogged about this week, even the back-handed positivity of getting pissed off for the right reasons, my week’s experiment yielded unexpected opportunity to hear a part of someone else’s story. By making my work on being positive known, many kind people reached out in support. In responding to that hand of friendship, I was gifted with the chance to give in return.

Sorry to be cryptic, but I need to honor my friend’s gift with privacy. But I can say that listening to their story, hearing their healing process, has been a uniquely beautiful experience.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have joined me this week, reading, liking and commenting on my posts. Special thanks to that special friend who shared the gift of hearing life’s wisdom with me over the last few days.

I’m going to move on to blogging on other things besides exclusively positive things. But I’m going to continue to make positivity a conscious part of my daily life. I hope you will, too.


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