I will…

[Author’s note: Writing is my way of processing. Sometimes, like now, it’s raw, unpolished, unedited. I need to get this out of me, so I can start living it. This is good, positive growth.]

I can do this. I will be brave. I will not cry. I will not fail. I can do this.

I will not betray your gift of beauty by covering it with guilt. I will not regret any moment.

I will not be sad. How can I be sorry for myself, knowing what I do now? Trusted with your secrets, I will hold them safe and cherish the gift.

I will smile through the fear, uncertainty, doubt. I will hold tight the beauty we shared and live in the lightness.

I will fake it ’til I make it. I will be brave so you will not regret. I will be well, so you can be, too.

I will hear the beauty you spoke to me–hear and believe. I will own it, so you will know you did not waste your breath. I will become the fruit of your labor.

I will soldier on. I will not falter. I will prove myself equal to this task.

I will open my heart to beauty. I will not scar.

I am strong enough. I am brave.

6 comments so far

  1. femoutloud on

    Would that everyone had someone to love as you clearly do in this post. You’re quite a woman, S4S.

  2. Searching4Self2013 on

    Thank you for the compliment and for reading. I enjoy your blog & seeing your bright wit on Twitter. I’m glad you found something you like on my blog, too.

  3. MakingSpace on

    You can do it. May freedom, love, and light expand outward. And know that whatever it is, the universe is big enough to take it.

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  5. […] I will… (suddenawareness.wordpress.com) […]

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