Come, Be Quiet With Me

Author’s Note: I know precisely zero about poetry, verse, lyric and ode. I know nothing of construction, cadence, syntax, pacing or poetic style. What I do know is my own heart, what is in it from moment to moment, what needs to stay safely hidden there, and what must come out to give me rest. This, another raw, unedited siphoning of the swirling flotsam at the top of my mind, is some of what needs to come out of me to give me rest. This, unlike any other post I’ve written, terrifies me to publish. But, as with so much of what I file away here, in this place of Sudden Awareness, this fragment of thought (it cannot qualify as a poem) must be put out into the universe to become real.

~ Come, Be Quiet With Me ~

Come, sit beside me here
In the still, quiet hour of gloaming
Come, hold my hand
Be complete with me in quiet companionship

Your presence beside me
A balm to my riven heart
Your presence with me
A peace, a hush to my noisy mind

Come, sit beside me here
In this hectic place of pressure and stress
Come, hold my hand
Ground me in the present, deflect the missiles of uncertainty

Your heart is a precious gift
A boon from a generous and kind providence
Your heart is a mirror of true vision
A source of ease and rest

Come, walk with me here
In a garden of possibility
Come, walk beside me
Hold my hand and choose a path with me

Your heart is a source of light for me
Though you oft times see darkness alone
Your spirit is generous to me
Exhorting me to happiness

Come, be quiet with me awhile
The world spins round about us
Come, be still with me a while
And rest

11 comments so far

  1. butchindc on

    readers note:
    stop second guessing yourself.

    great poem, man. keep writing.

  2. Victoria Oldham on

    Lovely and full of hope.

  3. FemOutLoud on

    What DC said–stop second guessing yourself! I’m glad you were courageous enough to share your beauty. Keep it up!

  4. MakingSpace on

    Excellent and inspirational. As the others have said, no more apologizing in advance. We want to like what you wrote. (And then we read what you wrote and we DO like it! Woot!)

  5. A Spare Mind on

    Word. I second the sentiments above. ❤

  6. lesbiannefree on

    Beautiful poem – yes, poetry! Your introspection is a gift to you and your sharing it is a gift to all who read your writings, and very much a gift to me. Your writing touches me deeply and I often relate but don’t yet have the words to share more. Thank you for your courage and writing.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Hi & thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate you leaving a comment. I’m really glad to know this spike to you.

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