Saturday Bullets

Oh, hi, blog! How you doin’? Been a while! Sorry…you know, life and such.

Well, here’s some random thoughts to share on a Spring Saturday. I’ll get back to regular posts soon…I hope.

• A friend and I were laughing the other day at my stubborn refusal to turn off notifications on my phone when I sleep (I might miss something cool!!), so shared this South African truism:
“Ja as jy dom is moet jy maar kak”

Which translates (I’m told, as I don’t speak Afrikaans):

“if you are stupid, you must suffer”

Ha! I like that. And I’ll gladly suffer interrupted sleep if it means I get that really important text, tweet, IM, or email…you know, the one with a pic of someone’s cat in a tutu, or something equally earth-shaking. 😉

• I’ve been trying hard lately to be more patient, fair and open-minded. When I’m stressed, I seem to be short on those qualities. It bugs me that my physical and emotional calm has so much influence over my ability to be kind. Hence, this mini self-improvement project. The hard part is identifying when my criticism is valid. A good piece of advice I got last week helps a lot: “Trust your gut on weird vibes… just reserve judgement until you can put your finger on what makes you uncomfortable.”

• Work-life balance is a constant struggle for me. I get a great deal of joy and satisfaction out of doing my job well, being needed, being a voice of reason in a crisis. But it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between being needed, being known as the go-to person for quality work, and just plain ol’ abuse if a strong work ethic. Plus, the firm, unadorned language needed to rebuff and correct the abuse when it happens, gets me labeled mean, unhelpful, shrill. It’s a lose-lose proposition. Still working on puzzling it out. Because, mean and shrill or not, I’ve got to stop the madness soon, cuz I’m about to burn out. Sigh.

• Well, that last bullet was kind of a downer, so I’ll end on a more positive note. I’ve recently been reminded of how much I love and miss one of my favorite pass-times, glass blowing. It’s a fascinating process, requiring concentration, imagination, stamina & control. I absolutely love the rush I get from taking the primal goo of liquid glass and shaping it with fire, tools and my hands, into a useful and beautiful object. I so need to get back to this! I’m actively working on it. I will report back when I’ve found a place to work and have cool pics to share. 😉


3 comments so far

  1. MakingSpace on

    Work life balance is a pain in the ass. Glass blowing sounds like a lot more fun. And your quote, “Trust your gut on weird vibes… just reserve judgement until you can put your finger on what makes you uncomfortable.” – awesome.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Hey, MS! You’re right, glass blowing is fun. I know there are studios in the islands. You should go check ’em out, if you haven’t seen it done live. Amazing to watch, even more amazing to do yourself. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pipe again!

      • MakingSpace on

        When I was a kid, we used to go to a glass-blowing place and watch the glass-blowers work. It’s so beautiful. I haven’t seen it in years, but I still remember the complete sense of awe I felt watching them work, and then seeing their beautiful creations when they were finished.

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