New Experiences

So, as you can tell from a lot of my prior posts, I’m not out to anyone in my immediate, day-to-day circle of family and friends. That’s made this journey a bit difficult at times, because I’m so isolated in this new-found truth.

But with the help of one of my Twitter friends and the encouragement of a few other friends, I found a couple of resources in my local area to help me find the gay community here. The first few leads turned out to be duds, but I did make the effort. I’m proud of that, at least.

Never a quitter, however, I have doggedly pursued additional leads my friend helped me find. Last night it finally worked out and I went to my first LGBT Community Org event, a softball game.

Well, it was actually several games. This is a community sports league and the games were short–it looked like they only play to four innings. In any event, there was a Red vs White game in progress when I got to the park. I watched Black vs Green. And Blue vs Grey was starting when I left. Teams are mixed men and women.

The game in progress was funny. The Reds were clearly out-classed. Couldn’t get a hit to save them! But they all had great attitudes. Seemed like everyone was having fun.

I stood around, texting a friend and watching the game. Didn’t speak with anyone, but got a lot of looks and a few nods from some of the folks there.

One of the girls on the Red team had a girlfriend who was standing near me. When the game was over, the player and the spectator stood almost in front of me to share a great kiss. It was, for me, fascinating and genuinely, inexplicably, thrilling to watch for the first time two girls kiss in real life.

When that game was over, I sat on the bleachers on the third base line, where the Green team was in the dugout. Sitting on the farthest end of the lowest bleacher, I watched Green totally smoke Black, all the while texting to my friend, practically live-Tweeting the game and the crowd’s reactions. I even had to dodge a stray pop-fly at one point. Such a fun game!

I was really glad to have my friend on text, because I was completely alone there and felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Nevertheless, it was a fascinating experience. My first time surrounded by gay people whom I knew to be gay. Sounds so silly, but it surprised me to feel so comfortable, and yet so apart, all at the same time. The comfortableness is what surprised me. I expected to feel awkward and apart, since I didn’t know anyone there. But once past that, it was comfortable and fun.

While I watched the game, I watched the small crowd in the bleachers. I’ve always been a people watcher and forever fascinated with the endless variety of human expression. This little crowd was fun to watch. Some stereotypical mannerisms in some, though everyone seemed like fairly ordinary, regular people out having a good time. I don’t know why this should surprise me at all, but it sort of does.

The one outstanding sight, apart from the girls kissing, was the Drag Queen. S/he came sailing in during the first inning of the Green game, with a mini entourage. S/he was very pretty. Tan skin, long brown hair, very slim and delicate features. Despite being dressed casually, wearing a lace blouse, scarf, skinny jeans, and high heeled wedges, s/he looked every bit the glam queen s/he must be at her shows. The voice was the only give-away. Otherwise, she looked like any other hipster girl you’d see out and about. Loudly cheered and jeered the whole time. Absolutely hilarious. For one of hir mates, s/he kept yelling “all the way Mae” at his every at-bat, like in the movie, A League of Their Own. What a hoot! It was fun to get to witness hir joy of the game.

At the end of the game, as teams were changing, I met two of the Organization’s officers and one of the players on the Green team. All three were very nice young men. I think I was the only person there who wasn’t a part of one of the teams. It was fun to be welcomed and invited to return next week. I didn’t expect that.

I keep coming back to that…my surprise at finding this community to be filled with ordinary and extraordinary people quietly (or not) going about their activities just like everyone else. Why this even registers in my head, I cannot say. Perhaps I’m more biased than I believed of myself, or more naïve. Whatever the cause, I’m pleasantly surprised at finding an opportunity to meet some fascinating people who share some of my same interests and attributes…a peer group I never expected to be a part of.

All in all, it was a fun experience. I’ll go again next week and see if I can meet some more people…more of my own tribe.


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  1. Femmi on

    I can’t begin to say how thrilled I am for you! Sounds like an awesome experience.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Thanks! It was thrilling! I had fun and now I know I’m not on my own in this town. So happy! Next step: get to know some if them. Ha! 😉

  2. FemOutLoud on

    So proud of you, friend!!!!! I’ll say more as soon as I have more time. *happy hugs* =D

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