I’ve discovered, during this journey of self discovery, that there are a lot of in-between places in my life. Dwelling there can be enlightening, frightening, and wearying all at once.

But the suspense of moving through those interstitial spaces is proving to be a reward in itself. The in-between foreshadows the next phase of becoming (whether on a big or small scale).

That suspended feeling, anticipation of what’s next, can feel really good, restful, exciting. And, now that I have a very special someone in my life, there are even more in-betweens that all signal passage into a phase of personal experience that is full to overflowing with blessings. In fact, it’s experiencing some of those new & wonderful in-betweens that inspired this post and this bit of verse.

I hope you enjoy…



In that limbo space
Between connections
I live in suspense
Awaiting the relief of your voice

In that twilight time
Between awakening and living
My heart is in suspense
Longing for the comfort of your kiss

In the gloaming stillness
Before true darkness falls
Joy is in suspense
Patiently awaiting your return

In the alley-ways of slumber
Between soaring delight of dreams
Peace is suspended
In abeyance until you arrive

In the silence of anticipation
Between each beat of my heart
Each breath, a moment of suspense
Until you, my life, my love, rest in my arms

4 comments so far

  1. Femmi on

    Beautiful! Just beautiful.

    I know this feeling well.

  2. Victoria Oldham on

    Lovely. Between as a place of promise–nice.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Thanks, Victoria. I really do see promise in each in between. That’s where hope comes from!

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