My Femme

On this International Femme Appreciation Day, I’m writing something hopelessly sweet and sappy for my #SpecialFemme. But every word is true and from my heart to hers.


Why I Appreciate and Love My Femme

She sees me. Not just my rough, outer butchness. Not just the skin of respectability that the whole world sees. Not just the confusion & insecurity I’ve shared on my blog. She sees me. She sees with eyes of both physical and spiritual beauty. Seeing all the details of my very being and, still, is not afraid. She sees every asset and flaw, every gift, every scar. But she doesn’t flinch or flee. My fierce femme sees and accepts my whole being, without reserve.

Her heart is full, yet always has room for more. She cares deeply, laughs easily, and loves much. Her regard for life, in every form, is evidenced in both the tender care she showers on her kids and in the tough action she takes on behalf of the voiceless animals in her world. She’s conscious of the impact she has on the world, not just on her physical environment. Carefully treating each person with respect, she strives to leave each person feeling better than they had before her encounter with them. And she is careful of the earth and the gifts it gives us, not wasting, squandering or taking them for granted.

She has an old soul in a young heart. Wisdom and cheeky fun coexist in equal measure within her bigger-than-life personality. She sees the good in people and situations first, and balances negativity with humor and grace. Seeking always to bring light and positivity to every situation, she smiles and looks for the silver lining in every challenge.

Meeting adversity head-on, she uses her sharp mind, determined will and strong body to overcome each hurdle. Like a dynamo, she builds momentum and shares the energy with those around her. She brings everyone involved in a project or situation up to a higher level so that all share in success. Instead of finding fault, she finds solutions.

My fierce femme is a nurturer, a care taker, a comforter, a friend to all she meets. But she’s no push-over. Her sharp mind pierces even the thickest fog of B.S. She condones asshattery from no one and is a lioness when her loved-ones are threatened. She accepts and includes and does not judge harshly.

Her nature and good sense rebel at abuse, tyranny and discrimination. Righteous outrage she unites with active advocacy for change. Though her focus is in the corner of the world she can influence directly, her efforts have impact beyond her immediate circle. Paying positive energy and love into the world, she helps make it a better place all around.

Although, like all people, my femme is not perfect, she strives daily to improve herself and those around her. She exhorts, comforts, teaches and builds up everyone she meets. Inquiring, always curious, she is a forever learner. Smart, funny, caring, peace-loving, and fun, my femme is multi-faceted. Her talents abound, but she strives to augment natural gifts with skill and experience.

And my femme is beautiful. Beyond the sparkling, wise eyes full of life and fire, aside from the knowing smile full of fun and promise, beyond every one of her many physical traits of beauty, my femme has a glorious soul and fiery spirit. She adorns her heart with a love-first-question-later approach to life, gifting everyone she meets with acceptance and acknowledgement and fundamental respect. Her verve and zest for life, her fire and spark make her spirit shine.

For all this and so much more that only she knows, I appreciate my beautiful, wonderful, adorable fierce femme.


4 comments so far

  1. lesbiannefree on

    Beautiful! What a wonderful Appreciation!

  2. Femmi on

    Aaaaw! This is so beautiful! Lu is a lucky and blessed femme to have you, and you are equally lucky to have her.

    So much love.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      You’re right, I am #oneluckybutch!
      Thanks for all your love, support & friendship to both of us!

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