Where Geek and Love Intersect, Oddities Ensue

I view this whole self-discovery gig as a three part deal:
(1) recognizing traits I have and optimizing the good while minimizing the bad;
(2) identifying traits I need to develop and refine in my life; and
(3) synthesizing lessons learned in some way that makes sense to my brain, so they stick.

Often these things occur on their own, or coincide in predictable ways, like increasing my innate sense of courtesy while learning to navigate in a new relationship.

But, sometimes these things combine in weird ways, like the way my affinity for technology intersects with my analytical and creative sides and a newly developing poetic bent. I’m kind of a nerd, a gadget geek and word-lover all in one odd, butch package. I like that about myself, too.

Recently, this odd combination of innate and emerging traits produced something that surprised even me in the crazy leap from tech- and history-inspired wonder, to love-induced dreaminess.

Let me ‘splain:

Last week, while I was on vacation in Washington D.C., I visited the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. What an amazing place! It’s geek heaven! Not only is there every cool gizmo under the sun related to flight and space exploration, but cool videos explaining weird facts, a planetarium (c’mon, who doesn’t love a planetarium show), and hands-on interactive displays! Plus, also, and…you can have lunch in a solarium with a spectacular view of the Capitol Building!

So I geeked out over the old planes and the artifacts left over from the development of human flight in equal measure with the awe and wonder of seeing the first liquid-fueled rocket, Gemini space capsules, SkyLab and the Lunar Lander. I wandered those hallways soaking in the history and being generally giddy about finally fulfilling my life-long dream of visiting that place.

But something happened when I sat down to rest. My mind shifted from awe-struck tourist mode to analytical application mode. I started thinking about the courage and grit it took for all those flight pioneers to realize their dreams, acknowledging the determination and fortitude of these great dreamers. Then I began to look at my life and what’s foremost in my heart at the moment, to apply that lesson of determination.

What resulted, again surprising even me, is a poem (of sorts) that honors what I learned that day while using flight as a metaphor for my love and hope for my beloved. She enjoyed it; I hope you do, too.


Everywhere I look
In this cathedral to flight
Is evidence of genius, fearlessness and faith
Men and women risked it all
To follow their dreams into the air and into space
Not daunted by “can’t” or “don’t”
Each refused to fail, to quit
Believing in themselves and their dreams
They built the world they longed for
And we are heirs to their achievements
Let us take inspiration, my love
From these pioneers
Though oceans separate our bodies
No distance can separate our hearts
Come fly with me, my love
Through dreams and waking hope
Soar with me among the stars of our tomorrows
Race with me to the heavens
On wings of flaming desire
Together we will bridge the space between us
And let our love take flight
Traveling together into a future of our making

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  1. SopranoOut on

    I’ve been peeking into your journey on Twitter and am just catching up here. Love the imagery of flight and courage as metaphors for love. Here’s to you and your beloved.

  2. FemOutLoud on

    Beautiful! And I don’t know if I told you, back when I posted it, the context of the “Sunrise” poem I shared with you–but I wrote it long ago, for the woman I eventually crossed an ocean to join in New Zealand. Importantly, I never regretted doing that, either. (Immigration issues regarding my kids ended it eventually, not anything about the relationship itself–and we’re still friends today.) You’ll get yourselves onto the same continent, I’m sure of it.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Thanks, my friend! Yes, I am confident that it will work out, eventually. In the mean time, I’m looking forward to seeing her for a visit in just 55 days…and counting!

      • FemOutLoud on

        Oh! All the feeling that jump around together with that! I know you’re watching the calendar!!! Btw, just for fun, if you like– http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/create (There are others out there, too.)

      • Searching4Self2013 on

        Haha! Great minds…this is the one we use! We change the date together every morning via Skype. It’s become a comforting ritual, watching the count tick down each day. 😉

      • FemOutLoud on

        *grin* Look at you go, Gadget Girl! 😉

  3. […] – Independence Day found me in Washington DC with my family. Huge fun! A dream realized in a visit to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, as well as joy in meeting my nephew’s lovely bride. I wrote about it already, here. […]

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