A writing trick I’m blatantly stealing from a real writer (who also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers), Victoria Oldham, is this: when you “don’t have time” or can’t find your voice for a fully realized post, make a list. It’s a series of quick hits, not necessarily fully formed or fleshed-out thoughts, but enough to convey the flavor of your experience or the idea you want to explore.

I like the concept, but inexplicably feel guilty for resorting to it too often. But, because it’s been about ten days since my last post and I feel even more guilty about neglecting my blog than I do about using a list, I’m gonna give it a go again.

1. I have been writing, just not for publication here on this blog. I try to write something every day, even if it’s just a note to myself about something I want to spend more time writing about later. Lately, though, I’ve been happy to spend my writing time penning pretty things for #SpecialFemme. That effort is quite rewarding, in and of itself. It has opened up new avenues of creative expression I never expected to be able to explore. Not to worry, though! More blog posts are queuing up inside my head. I just have to find a way to chisel them out of their matrix of half-formed thought. Watch this space!

2. On a related note, I’ve recently developed an appreciation that I’ve never had before for poetry. I am no scholar or collector of poetry. And I really know nothing about the mechanics of recognized poetic forms. But I have discovered the unique satisfaction derived from poetic expression; it’s totally different from writing in prose or narrative style. I am beginning to really like certain forms I’ve seen and even have tried my hand at writing a bit of my own in a free-style mode that wouldn’t be recognized by any prof or critic. Most recently, I’ve become intrigued by the micro-poetry of some very talented tweeters I’ve followed on Twitter. Though the 140-character limit is occasionally the cause of some truly criminal linguistic short-cuts, some of the verse I’ve seen is fantastic. Speaking directly to my heart and, I swear, channelling the very essence of my current experience, these writers have awoken me to an art form I previously despised. Three of my favorites: @SheWhoWas, @Raine_Cooper, and @allforandrea

3. I am SERIOUSLY displeased with the level of quality and reliability of Skype lately. I use it on iPhone and iPad, as well as on my Android smartphone on two different mobile carriers. All platforms exhibit the same problems, in all locations I’ve used it, regardless if I’m on WiFi or on mobile data: horrible signal quality (crackling and attenuating audio, pixelated video) and an extremely high rate of dropped calls. I’ve also noted an increase in the frequency that the Skype app randomly switches my profile status from Online to Offline, despite a strong WiFi or mobile signal. This is incredibly frustrating for any user, I’m sure. But it is having a severe impact on my dating life! Nothing more annoying than having to fight technology when trying to nurture a long distance romance.

4. On a note more germane to this blog: I’m stuck in coward mode. I still haven’t come out to anyone in my family, despite promising myself that I’d start with my oldest brother at the beginning of July. It was the perfect chance! I had the house to myself and was off work for a couple days. It was after the end of the fiscal quarter and no work emergencies, no pressing social commitments. I could have taken advantage of the time to pull the trigger, take that next step toward authenticity. But I chickened out. I had planned to start with my oldest bro because he’s always been in my corner, supporting my ambitions, my biggest fan. Yet I can’t bring myself to pick up the phone and have that discussion. It’s simple fear, I know. Precisely because he’s my biggest fan, I fear losing his support. And, yes, I know my fear is preventing me giving him the chance to be supportive in this, too. As I said: coward. I admit it. But I don’t know how to break the cycle.

5. So as to not end on the downer of that last item, and because I think five is a nice round number for a listy post, I want to share something fun. Now, regular readers and friends will have tumbled to the fact that I’m a bit of a geek. Gadgets, tech of all kinds, sci-fi/fantasy, even Harry Potter are all fair game for my geek-dom. I like sci-fi the best, books, movies, tv, fan fic, you name it. I’m also a complete Mythbusters junkie! No surprise, then, that I was in heaven last week when these two obsessions came together in this tested.com One Day Build video. Adam Savage (Mr. Mythbusters himself) building a hyper-accurate replica of Han Solo’s (he of Star Wars legend) DL-44 Blaster (used to off the hated bounty hunter, Greedo, in the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (the original Star Wars pic)(I told you I was a geek!))! C’mon, what’s not to absolutely love!?! Check it out here!!

Well, I think that’s enough for today. I’m fresh out of brain power and you need time to recover from that whirlwind ride through my cerebellum. Good luck with that.

Until next time…

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