Learning…even when I’m cranky

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m having a love-hate relationship with communication technology right now. It’s mostly hate and very little love at the moment. And Skype is at the top of my “no-good-very-bad” list.

For all that it’s a no-cost, easy to use communication tool, it has provided shockingly bad service and signal quality lately. I did an informal survey of my call/chat records over the last couple of weeks, and my rough calculation is that better than sixty percent (60%) of calls are dropped and at least ten percent (10%) of the other calls end as unanswered because they aren’t ringing through at the other end.

That means that just thirty percent (30)% of calls, at most, actually connect!! That’s atrocious! And of those, many last only seconds or a few minutes before abruptly ending due to the Skype app’s randomly switching the caller’s profile to “Offline”, despite strong signal strength. Infuriating!!

This poor quality, and the resultant thwarted communication, is taking a heavy toll on my good humor. The frustration factor is high and it’s compressing my patience to a very low tolerance threshold.

But I’ve learned a few things out of this trial, despite my crankiness. I call that a personal growth win, despite snapping at an unsuspecting sales guy the other morning (which is almost a sport, isn’t it?).

Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned out of all the aggravation:

– Talk quickly and get to the point, because important things have to be said, even when the line crackles and pops and the picture is fuzzy

– Laugh. A lot. Because laughing dissipates the frustration quicker than a temper tantrum and laughing with someone else feels fantastic

– Appreciate any connection you can make work

– Don’t squander any opportunity to say “I love you”

– When all else fails, a snarky tweet and a smile can tame the uncertainties spawned by the silence for the person you’re trying to reach

– Sometimes it’s more important to actually talk to someone, even if it means paying for international long distance

That’s it for today, folks. Gotta go start the fire for smoke signals…about as efficient as anything else lately! 😉

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  1. FemOutLoud on

    Two words worth trying: Google Hangouts. (Used to be Google video chat.) Personal experience beats Skype hands down. I really hope the technology sorts itself out for you and yours one way or another, friend! *hug*

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