Sharing Is Growth

I’ve mentioned my love of words and my recently acquired appreciation for poetry, especially micro poetry. I’ve even shared a couple of my rough first attempts at verse here on this blog. But if you follow me on Twitter you know that I’ve begun to share even more micro poetry, or, as Butch Jaxon @butchontap calls them, #peeps.

Quick aside: I am really digging the short form. Twitter’s size limit for each post really forces you to work to get your point across inside the 140 characters. LOVE IT!

But something I’ve been thinking about lately is how unusual it is for me,specifically, to be posting this stuff at all. I mean, regardless if it qualifies as true poetry or just drivel, what I’m posting is full of my innermost thoughts, my most heart-felt emotions. I don’t do that. Really.

Despite this blog as evidence to the contrary, I really am a quite buttoned-up, reserved person. I’m one of those ‘private persons’ you’ve heard of, who doesn’t talk about themselves or about…feeeeeelings. Eeeew! This blog was 44 years in the making and is about as anonymous as can be. Because I’m still closeted, yes. But also because to work through all of this personal growth and coming out hoo-hah, feeeeelings must be examined and confronted. It took me a while to work up to it.

That’s why it’s surprised even me that I not only have an affinity for poetry, but that I’m both writing it and (drumroll) sharing it here and on Twitter.

And I have a theory about why.

Like poets from the beginning of time, and especially modern American poets, love is a big theme of my writings. (It sounds so pretentious to say “my work”, as if I’m a real writer or poet!) It’s also a big source of my inspiration. I think the reason I have taken to writing, especially poetry, is because I’m in love. Deeply.

Special Femme and I have noted recently that since we’ve been together, we each have a new appreciation for the meaning and nuance in song lyrics. I think the same thing goes for poetry.

Not only do I have a clearer understanding of songs and poems of others now that I’ve experienced the love of which they write and sing, there is clarity in my own mind also. I have access to a vocabulary of expression through the lens if my love for her and hers for me that I never understood before, never knew existed.

And even more surprising is the safety I feel from the surety of her regard that gives me courage to share some of what I feel for her and because of her. That’s amazing to me. Personal growth through the love of a wonderful woman. Who knew!?

So, my apologies to all those for whom my new-found sharing ability translates to torture through the broadcast of bad 140-character poetry. But I’m in a groove now and am thrilled at the creativity that seems to be flowing.

Brace yourselves! Lol!

5 comments so far

  1. Ivan30something on

    I love poetry! Inspire me… 😉

  2. There She Goes « EssayBoard on

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  3. SopranoOut on

    You go for it!!

    • SopranoOut on

      (by the way this is FemmeDiva from Twitter)

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