Hope In Imagery

I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because of…life and reasons. Lol. But I did have a stray thought today that can serve for a quick post.

My Tweeps will have noticed that I Tweet a lot of pics of the sky, especially sunrises & sunsets. One of you even commented recently that I seem to look up a lot and that was good.

I agree. It is good on so many levels.

Visualization is as much a belief as a technique, but I feel it has had very positive effects in my life. Picturing the outcome I desire helps me to frame my state of mind and align my actions with that target. So looking up, both the action and the metaphor, are a big part of my personal campaign for positivity.

Also, pictures are a huge help for me. I can and do keep an image of something beautiful, hopeful and positive in my mind all the time (often accompanied by an up-beat song). But even the strongest imagination needs help occasionally. So having actual pictures to look at helps me stay in that frame of mind.

I find the sky is a great metaphor within the metaphor to help stay on the positivity track. The vastness of a clear sky speaks to me of infinite possibility. A clearing sky, with remnants of clouds can be an amazing teacher. Clouds can be hopeful by reminding us that there’s always blue behind the gray. They are also anchoring: clouds are markers, reference points that let you see the depth of the sky, putting even the biggest, blackest cloud in perspective against the hugeness of the whole.

Sunrises and sunsets take the exercise even further by layering elements of time and eventfulness on top of the hopefulness. They are beginnings, milestones, fresh starts and second chances. Often, they also add spectacular color, beautifying even the angriest looking stormy skies.

So, I look up and take snapshots of the beauty my eyes drink in. I share them to spread the hope. Keep looking up!

Here are a few of my favorite shots:








4 comments so far

  1. FemOutLoud on

    I love these pics–and your commentary on what leads you to take them! It’s funny … I often find myself compelled to photograph beauty that appears, when you look through the right sort of eyes, in places where it’d be easy to assume only ugliness exists. My phone carries uncounted photos of flowers smiling from litter-filled empty lots, etc. … and that trait clearly carries over to my personal and working life, where I am often drawn to beauty in the very people most often thrown away by society as a whole.

    It’s an interesting line of thought!

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      I love that, finding unlikely beauty. From what I’ve seen in your blog & tweets, that seems like a natural trait for you. If anything breeds positivity it’s being able to see the good, the beautiful in any person, place or situation. Good for you!

      • FemOutLoud on

        *smile* Thank you!

  2. […] already know that I post an inordinate number of sunrise and sunset pictures. I even mentioned in a prior post on this blog how much I love the imagery of hope and eventfulness that the sky, particularly […]

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