Quick Hit Post: Uplifting Lunch

Still working on what to say about my trip Down Under. Until then, here’s a quick hit:

Had an incredibly uplifting, validating, fun lunch with a friend today. She’s someone I met through work and have really enjoyed working with. But she’s a genuine, compassionate, crazy-fun person with whom it’s impossible not to be friends…not work-friends, simply friends.

She and I wanted to catch up after my trip to Oz to visit Special Femme. But after the obligatory “oh my gosh, I had so much fun” non-share, she showed her true talent: interested cross-examination. I absolutely love that her interest in the person she’s with manifests in this way. She won’t let you get away with “oh, I’m fine” or “I had a great time”. She asks incisive questions, makes you think and leads you on a reprise of the journey you’ve taken, so she can see it through your eyes and understand it from her heart.

Our discussion covered some fairly weighty metaphysical topics, touched on scars I haven’t acknowledged, and affirmed my faith in condition-less friendship. Though I won’t regurgitate the discussion here, I can say that I walked out of that restaurant this afternoon with a lightness I never expected to come from having an in-real-life friend show genuine interest in my happiness with my chosen love, regardless if that form of love coincides with her own beliefs. That acceptance is a gift beyond price.

Thank you, my friend. Your gift of a supportive, positive, accepting ear means more than I think you’ll ever know. 🙂


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