Thankful for…cupcakes

Not to be flippant or irreverent with the whole ‘month of thankfulness’ effort, but I am thankful for cupcakes. Not really just cupcakes, but all the simple, childlike pleasures readily available to me. Cupcakes are just emblematic of them.

Things like: tasty, sweet treats; fun, quirky gadgets; ingenious, challenging puzzles; cool, awesome tech toys; and classic, nostalgic mementos of days past, are all “the little things” that make working hard and being a grown-up worth it.

Sometimes, I need to force myself to look at the details, the small things I overlook, ignore or take for granted. This intentional scrutiny helps me battle attitude issues that come up from the daily grind. I think it’s too easy to get pulled into a rut of negativity by going through the motions of the daily routine. Someone said to me once: “Gratitude helps you appreciate what’s there, rather than dwell on what isn’t.”

So…I’m thankful for cupcakes!

Here’s one I was given the other day as a “just because” gift: pink champagne cupcake.



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