Thankful for…creativity

Creativity is often personal, as singular as the person expressing (or experiencing) that creativity. In it’s most refined form, creativity produces art. But even less refined, the craft of creating is no less expressive.

Make no mistake: I am a crafts-person, not an artist. But I love it no less for the lack of innate talent to become a true artist.

I love color, texture, contrast and patterns. I love working with hand tools, wire, glass, stone, and found objects. I love working with fire and glass, fire and metal…sometimes just fire. I love creating things that are pretty, peculiar, quirky and fun. I love the joy I get when someone appreciates something I’ve created. I love making things that bring others joy. I love creating.

It’s an outlet for stress and frustration. It’s a means to take my mind out of a demanding, all-consuming job and let my conscious brain rest. And it’s a way to connect to beauty without being a mere spectator.

I am so thankful that I have the means to indulge my creative bent and share the results with others. Here are a few favorite pics of some of the things I’ve made, in the past and more recently:












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