Thankful for…education

I am the first female in my extended family (three generations back on my mom’s side, at least) to have graduated college with a 4-year degree, and the first in my family ever (regardless of gender) to have achieved an advanced professional degree. (Beat my oldest bro to the “doctor” level by six months!) I’m proud of the achievement, though I wish other women in my family had had the opportunities that I did.

But beyond the degrees, I have earned an education that extends beyond the classroom. The experience of formal education from kindergarten through law school has instilled in me a thirst for knowledge, a curiosity for answers and a habit of learning. Deep down inside, I’m not satisfied with a guess, I need to know. It doesn’t matter the topic; if it presents itself in my life and I don’t know about it, I have to find a way to discover it. Like my law professor always said: “I don’t know” is a satisfactory answer only for so long as it takes you to find out.

That urgent push for facts, answers, knowledge makes me a life-long learner. And my life is all the richer for it.

I’m thankful for the education I have received and grateful that it filled me with a longing to always learn more.


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