Thankful for…skill

I dunno if I’m a lawyer because I’m a linear-thinking, rule-following, risk-spotting type of person, or if I’m that type of person because I’m a lawyer. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg question.

Either way, those qualities help me serve my corporate client very well. Yet, they sometimes make it difficult to demonstrate a whole lot of flexibility. I’m sure if you asked most of the sales guys I work with, they’d be quick to tell you I’m not terribly flexible when it comes to applying corporate policy to contract negotiation.

But, I think most of them would also be quick to say that I nevertheless find creative ways to reach an acceptable compromise within the bounds of those policies. I have never, in more than fifteen years with three separate companies, lost a deal because of an inability to find middle ground.

Though I never consciously set out to be a bridge builder, that is what my role has turned into. I don’t mind. It’s nice to be able to identify the needs and goals of two separate and competing interests and design ways to meet in the middle without trespassing on the absolute limits either party has in a given transaction.

I’m proud of the skill I’ve developed in handling delicate and thorny issues with finesse. I’m thankful for the ability to serve my company’s interests and yet find creative ways to meet everyone’s needs.


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