Thankful for…whimsy

I have a secret. There’s a side to my life that I don’t let show. I keep it hidden from the world at large and the secrecy itself gives it it’s value. It’s a secret rebellion that gives me a secret joy. But it’s time to confess:

I don’t match my socks.

Now, that may not seem such a huge revelation. But believe me, coming from such a linear-thinking, rule-following, conservative attorney-type person, mismatched socks is a significant dissonance. But let me be clear. When I say mis-matched, I mean my socks intentionally clash with my outfit of the day. But both clashing socks match each other…let’s not get crazy. 🙂

I like bright colors, stripes, crazy patterns, even words. I’ve even got some knee-length socks with funny sayings on them. Anything that injects a little levity into an outfit. And the clashier the better!

This kink in my fashion sense has really shown itself in some of the #battleofthesocks posts I’ve played in on Twitter. Some favorite pics of my more extreme examples from the Twitter battles are below for your groaning enjoyment.

It’s a tiny rebellion, just a means to keep a degree of control in my life when it so often seems like control exists outside of myself. This quirk brings a dollop of whimsy into a stressful life. And it relieves the severity that often comes with a staid, “professional” wardrobe. It’s just a bit of fun.

I’m thankful for a little weirdness, a bit of whimsy in my day.






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  1. lesbiannefree on

    lol – this is great fun!

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