Thankful for…sunsets

All my Tweeps already know that I post an inordinate number of sunrise and sunset pictures. I even mentioned in a prior post on this blog how much I love the imagery of hope and eventfulness that the sky, particularly sunrises and sunsets, brings to me.

Somehow, though, sunsets seem to speak directly to my soul. I’m happier, calmer, more at peace under the glow of a sunset sky than almost anywhere else in the world. Add Special Femme at my side during the sunset, and there’s no other place on earth I’d rather be.

The sunset is a fleeting event, no less special for all that it happens every day. Each one is unique and every aspect of each one is ever-changing as the earth turns. The quality of the light, the relative beauty of the objects in the foreground, the dynamic shapes of shadows as the sunset matures…all these things are constantly in flux throughout the sunset.

But the ephemeral feeling of magic, the way everyday sights are transformed into amazing and wondrous visions, the way light seems almost tangible and shadows solid enough to grasp, is where the real beauty of each sunset is for me.

I could yammer on for ages about how glorious and magical sunsets are. But everyone loves a pretty sunset. What makes me particularly grateful for sunsets is the way each seems to open a portal into a whole new world of hope and peace. Seeing in the sunset evidence of our progress through time and space, knowing that each one is followed by a dawn bringing a brand new day full of possibilities, I am awed and, oddly, grounded by the sight of the sunset. Without putting anything physical into my hands, each sunset gives me a handle on which to grasp the baffling nature of my life and is a mile-marker along my path.

And each one just happens to coincide with the waking of my love far away across the sea. If that isn’t romance, then I don’t know what is. 😉

So, today I’m thankful for the sunset. Here are a few pic’s of today’s sunset, capturing a bit of the beauty of the sunset from early to late and over the prairie and through the trees. Also, because they are emblematic of hope and fresh starts, there is also a pic of my favorite sunrise–pink and lovely, taken in my driveway this past summer.













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