Thankful for…quiet

Silence can be intimidating sometimes. But for me, quiet is nearly the most valuable commodity on the planet.

Although I like and am thankful for music and other forms of entertainment, the amount of sound in my daily world can become overwhelming. And too much loud noise makes me nervous and stressed. I can’t adequately explain why, but it does. So, I value quiet. It feels like a warm blanket soothing jangling nerves.

Quiet also is a huge benefit to my productivity. When I just have to get stuff done, it helps to turn everything off and shut my office door and knock it out. Like today, I hate working in Saturday, but the empty office, quiet phone and dearth if emails made it so much easier to get a couple of very important tasks done in very little time.

Even when Special Femme and I connect via Skype, there are moments of welcome quiet, when we get the joy of just being together in companionable silence while seeing the other’s smile. I’ve learned to value this comfort and ease between us. The physical distance between us could easily become a barrier to the development of our relationship. But our mutual comfort in quiet moments between the long talks and jokes shows that we can connect on a level beyond the distance and technology.

So today I’m thankful for quiet that soothes, motivates and comforts, without awkwardness or burden.

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