Thankful for…family time

Though mine is quite small, I do love my family. We’re spread out across the country and don’t see each other as often as we’d like. I see one of my brothers about once a year, his kids even less frequently and my aunt and cousins just sporadically.

But I’m really fortunate that my other brother and his wife live where I do. Since we moved to the same place years ago, we’ve become very close. It’s a huge blessing to me that we get to see each other and do fun things together.

Today, we started the day with brunch at a great new restaurant in my neighborhood. Chatting and joking, the meal was good, but the togetherness was priceless. Then we separated. My brother went to his shop to hang with the guys, while my sister-in-law and I headed off on a marathon shopping trip (ugh!).

Spending the day with my sister-in-law is always fun. She’s easy going, fun and energetic. She chatters and jokes and makes even shopping enjoyable. We’re a lot less staid when it’s just us. And she doesn’t mind that I’m not interested in girly, frilly stuff. Time spent with her is as close as I’ve ever come, short of my time with Special Femme, to being my truest self.

Having so close to me a pair of people who know me and all my quirks since I was a child, and who love me anyway, is a blessing beyond words. I’m grateful whenever I get to have quality time with any members of my family, but especially for the frequent time I have with these two special people.

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  1. Lulu Todd on

    I too am thankful for having such a wonderful person as you in my life.

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