Thankful for…forgiveness

Everyone knows that sick, sinking feeling when you discover you’ve messed up and hurt someone you care for deeply. That remorse can be sharp and long-lasting, regardless the size of your blunder, if the pain you caused your loved one is acute or aggravated by emotion. No one likes to be a screw-up, to be the cause of anguish to a loved one. And no one likes to be the one who gets hurt.

That’s why forgiveness is such a miraculous gift. It’s not an obligation for the person who is hurt to forgive. No one is entitled to it by right.

Rather, forgiveness is an act of charity of the heart, a gift freely given in spite of cause to the contrary. In my view, it is evidence of that unseen, intangible, undefinable force that shapes lives: love. I honestly believe that forgiveness of any significant wrong is impossible without some level of love, in one of its myriad forms, between the forgiver and the forgiven. Which, in turn, makes the gift of forgiveness even more significant, rare and beautiful.

Whenever I find that I have hurt someone, no matter how slight the offense, I feel the sick regret and the rebuke of my conscience sharply. I hate causing pain and disappointment. So I also feel each gift of forgiveness as deeply. The blessing is profound.

I am so grateful that the ones who love me in this world have gifted me their forgiveness.


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