Thankful for…catharsis

I’ll try to keep it a short one today, because I’ll follow it with a much longer post of a different sort. I’ve been working through a lot of stuff this year, pulling my mental and emotional s&@t together and examining who I am. For the most part it’s been a positive, uplifting experience. But there are times when it really all gets to be too much.

The last couple of days, and several days sporadically over the last couple of weeks, have been fraught with emotion and high tension. Sunday night was full to bursting with roiling, powerful, stressful emotion. But it was a tipping point. The discussion that stretched late into the night and the painful yet necessary examination of a lot of different feelings (eeeew!) seems to have been the key that unlocked the blockage in my head.

I’ve had a set of thoughts weighing heavily on my heart and mind for weeks now. But they just wouldn’t gel into a coherent post. But the release of the last couple of days, together with the patience and compassion of my beloved, has loosened the binding and allowed my thoughts to coalesce.

Make no mistake, the result is raw and the release doesn’t solve the underlying issue. But siphoning off some of the boiling angst into a semi-cogent essay and setting it free into the universe lifts my spirits immensely. It frees me to deal with the core issue, rather than the distracting feelings.

So, today I’m thankful for the catharsis of unburdening my spirit and the love of my Lulu, who provided a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for me to do so.


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