Thankful for…bookstores

Don’t get me wrong, in many noble and community-minded ways, libraries trump bookstores by a long way. But specifically today, when madness of crowds seems to be the rule everywhere we go, I’m thankful for the bookstore.

Despite the occasional screaming kid in the kids section, the bookstore is a welcome harbor of relative peace in the midst of the throngs of people. I don’t do well with crowds and I really despise shopping at the best of times. But I’m out today to support my sister-in-law who does so very much for me. She loves this shopping madness and wanted to dive into it, but wouldn’t go alone. I couldn’t let her miss her fun, after all she does for me.

But I’m so thankful for the welcome break of relative quiet the bookstore offers. While she braves the genuine madness of ToysRUs (I just am not that brave!) on Black Friday, I’m ensconced in a quiet corner of the coffee shop inside B&N, typing this post, having a cool drink, and resting from the sensory overload after the mall.

Though I feel mildly guilty for experiencing a rush of relief at getting to hunker in this corner, I’m hugely grateful that the book shop is here and they offer this oasis of rest.

Good things to drink, nice smells from the coffee & pastries, and a table and high-backed booth to offer a welcome separation from the press of shoppers–all are part of the blessing I find in having a bookstore at the shopping center.

I suppose I should have butched-up and offered to run the toy-gauntlet with her. But since I didn’t, I’m going to enjoy this short season of reprieve and read a book, sip my craft soda or maybe a latte, and stay out of the way of the power-shoppers.

Happy Friday to all.

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