Our First Year

Today, April 25th, marks exactly one year that Lulu and I have been together as a couple. Our time together simultaneously seems to have flown by and, yet, have lasted a lifetime, both in the best possible way.

I’m unreasoningly pleased and proud at having reached this milestone. Though it’s a short time by many different standards, in the context of long distance relationships (especially with distances as long as 9,000 miles), a year puts us in the nth percentile, well to the outlier part of the bell curve.

We had an unconventional and somewhat rocky start, my beloved and me. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see now what we couldn’t in the moment: we (mostly me, really) were fearful and relied on factors outside of the two of us to prop up this burgeoning relationship. That was the first lesson: the two of us, together, are enough. We know now how to believe in us and rely on each other.

Our love grew quickly, blooming first into a deep bond of friendship. It seemed meant to be, as every revelation and discovery seemed to click into place, filling in the template of “the one” we each had imagined for ourselves. It seemed we had searched for many of the same things for what seemed like all our lives. We found each other despite the odds. And for that I’m immeasurably thankful.

As my parents used to teach me, nothing of great value is free.
Challenges strengthen bonds, and these we’ve had in abundance. Yet none have dimmed the glow of hopeful possibility, the light we share that pierces every dark cloud of worry.

This is but our beginning; we’ve only made a start. One year is an important milestone, yes. But my beloved and I intend to make this life’s journey together–two lives, one heart.

So there will be many challenges, triumphs, set-backs, joys and opportunities. Many more milestones shall mark our path. “Lord willin’, and the creek don’t rise”, as my gran used to say, this is the first of many anniversaries to count along our way. But until the next “big” one comes along, I intend to celebrate this and every day with my amazing Special Femme.

Happy Anniversary, my love. I look forward to fifty some-odd more to come!

4 comments so far

  1. Lulu Todd on

    Happy Anniversary, my Darlingheart. You are my hearts desire, my best friend, my dream come true. I love you my Specialbutch.

  2. MainelyButch on

    Happy 1st Anniversary to you both! I am glad that I just found your blog too!!!! Do you also have another blog on WP? I thought I had seen your writing before on here. Hope the two of you spend this weekend celebrating this milestone in your relationship…yes #1 is very special indeed! Make it memorable for her, bud, but also for YOU! 😀 Rock on!

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Hi & welcome back. Just the one blog. Yes, you’ve seen my blog before and have kindly commented. Thanks for the good wishes!

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