Determined Cheerfulness

So I took a quick look and it appears evenly split between positive and negative. The number of blog posts so far this year, I mean.  Six of each: complaining or angst-ing and positive or happy.  That’s not all that great a batting average.  Even.  .500. Middle of the road.  I know I can do better than that.  My goal is, has always been, to blog about my self-discovery and spread joy and positivity at the same time.  But here lately, it looks like I’m letting the internal critic have more voice than the internal cheerleader.

I’m not sure it’s just me, either.  Seems like lately, at least over the last month since I’ve been half-consciously keeping track, that many of my Tweeps and Facebook Folk have also been struggling with the negative and stressful (except for @kimboandersen, who is eternally up-beat, smiling and “kind…always”, which I greatly admire).  Even today, the Femme Fairy Godmother is having a rough day, but has reached out to her FB “pumpkins” to get encouragement from what’s going right in their Thursday.  By and large, looks like all her peeps are also having a rough day.

So here’s my intentional effort to break the cycle of angst and negativity.  I’m resorting to a list, but I’m still counting it.  Intentional positivity and determined cheerfulness for all!

Things that make me smile today:

  1. Lulu.  Always.  She is my bliss (as she so often puts it when she tells me of my effect on her).
  2. Lulu again – she sang to me on the way to work today, which always makes me happy.
  3. I have, for the first time in recent memory (over a year, maybe?) a day with no scheduled appointments or meetings. Hooray!
  4. It’s sunshiny outside my window, with puffy clouds and cornflower blue sky (see pic below). And the radiometer in my window is happily spinning like mad! Also, the albino goose (not a swan, we’ve checked and it has standard color/marking goslings) is swooping around on carefree wings outside my office window.
  5. My friend Deborah’s pictures of birds, flowers and other critters that she regularly posts on Twitter and Facebook. Her cardinals, especially, make me smile.
  6. The grapes I had with breakfast today were crisp and cold and juicy and sweet and I really enjoyed them.
  7. I’m wearing a fun polka-dot bow tie today with a checked shirt and the patterns don’t clash.
  8. Green grass, green trees swaying in the breeze, birds chirping and the general Spring-ishness of the day.
  9. Easily put out three potentially ugly work “fires” this morning with a little reasoning and calm persuasion. I love it when a plan comes together!
  10. Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!

Ok, peeps! Let’s hear your intentional positivity…leave me a comment and make me smile some more!


4 comments so far

  1. Femme Fairy Godmother on

    Things have started looking up! There is an Italian deli next door to where I work. I went over for lunch to see what kind of pizza they had. I like to try whatever I haven’t had before. Today’s was “Angry Pizza.” It had jalapenos, Italian sausage, onion and ricotta cheese. Yummy! PLUS they have bottled grape soda, which is my favorite. AND my friend Kate invited us over for dinner, with ice cream pie. Clearly, I’m food motivated. 🙂 At least I like my job and my favorite clients are in today so I get to talk to his caregiver, which is always so nice. So there you go. And today is my Friday! 🙂

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      W00T! Good for you. Angry pizza sounds awesome! And ice cream pie would motivate me, too! 🙂

  2. MakingSpace on

    Love this – I’ve been emerging from a state of, I guess you would call it determined negativity – though it was really just months and months of believing there were no positives I could see. A friend just pointed out that the concept of limitlessness applies to our perspectives on our lives – anything is possible. It completely revolutionized my perspective, in one instant. Then I came across this post! Fantastic. Thanks for this. (This is @FemmeDiva by the way)

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Huzza for new perspectives!! And I’m so glad you are emerging from the negativity. I firmly believe that it plays no functional role in personal growth & happiness.

      Your friend sounds smart. Limitlessness. Thats a good way to view it. Every and any possibility is available. Who was it (Henry Ford?) that said something along the lines of ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right’?

      The point being, our perspective, attitude and choices intersect to create our reality and our outlook determines how we experience it. Positivity and happiness are choices just as surely as taking “the road less travelled”, or picking a green shirt over a purple one (surely, though, that never happens!). 🙂

      These are things I keep reminding myself as that stubborn negativity threatens to creep back upon me. I hope your friend’s thought continues to help you with the struggle. Best of luck, Amy.

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