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Positively Thankful

Last year I participated in the 30 days of thankfulness blog challenge in November, timed to coincide with the US Thanksgiving holiday. I fully support the challenge and it’s underlying principle that we all have much to be thankful for and intentionally counting our blessings is a healthy exercise. But I also believe that it can help turn around a sour mood and refocus the mind on blessing in general, regardless of the date on the calendar.

And so, because I find myself grappling with a major bout of negativity, doubt and anxiety, I am going to practice intentional positivity and thankfulness. I don’t know if I will do the entire month, or just today, but I know that even one day of focusing on the positives in my life will help push back the dark wave of negativity that seems to be looming over me.

This morning I’m thankful for:

– My Lulu, who is a blessing and comfort, especially when I am not good for much when I’m suffering a headache.

– A delicious lunch packed and ready for me to grab on the way out the door by a thoughtful and generous sister in law.

– Clear blue skies and a glorious sunrise after nearly two weeks if gray and rain.

– A small reclamation of the water tables by two weeks of rain and cooler temps.

– The freedom and ease of a safe neighborhood, loving family and an income sufficient to my needs.

There is so much more to be thankful for in my life, but those are top of mind this morning.

My positive intention for the day:

Ignore the discomfort of aches in the body, doubts in the mind, insecurity in the spirit and embrace the day. Do what you can, plan for what must wait for tomorrow, and let go the burden that is not yours to carry.

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