Vaguely Coherent Ramblings On The Communication Of Love

Gosh, I haven’t touched this blog in an age. Not because I don’t want to write, or don’t have anything to say, or don’t care about my readers. I am deeply grateful for my readers. I have tons to say and want to write gobs. And this blog has saved my sanity in more ways than I can count.

Funny thing, tho, about life and my brain and its ability to distill my jumbled thoughts into coherent sentences: when I’m under stress and need that unburdening the most, that’s when my brain & writing ability take a vacation. It all bottles up inside my chest and gels into a solid lump of silent, stupid, tense and uncommunicative.

But, lucky for me, my beloved has a way of making it safe for me to say what I need to say, as well as the patience to wait until I’m ready to say it. Sometimes that’s a long time and sometimes the moment comes when each of us least expects it. It’s crazy how the words sometimes just tumble out of my mouth without any ability to halt them when that happens.

But thank God for patience, maturity and love. Because we both have them in abundance when it comes to the other, we can use those bursts of vocal energy and turn them into fuel for our growth as a couple. I’m amazed at how her understanding of my halting, imperfect and often emotional method of communication results in our ending each such conversation with deeper empathy for the other and a heartfelt “I love you”.

For this more-than-the-sum-of-it’s-parts communication and the patience, love and understanding of my beloved, I am truly grateful.

Now, maybe I can find my way back to a more regular blogging habit? Stay tuned…

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    “I love you” :0)

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