My safe place

Counting my beloved among the happiness and uplifting forces in my day (every day) is easy and natural. Saying that she makes me happy, lifts my spirit, gives me hope, brings light and love into my life, is like pointing out that the sun is bright, or that water is wet, or that breathing requires oxygen. You get the point–Lulu is my greatest happiness.

But that it is obvious does not detract from its miraculousness and criticality.

Indeed, when I challenged myself to consciously identify at least one happy or uplifting thing in each of the remaining days this week, she was foremost in my mind. The challenge is to do her justice in describing her role in my happiness.

Volumes of loving, lavish, superlative descriptions come to mind when I think of her and how she makes feel. But that’s more personal than I want to share in this post. So let me explain it this way: She is my safe place.

She is the person who sees me, with all my flaws and insecurities, and loves me anyway. She’s the one who hears my triumphs, tragedies, gripes, jokes and droning war stories, and smilingly responds to each with care and interest. She provides a safe, non-judgmental forum to explore ideas and dissect problems. With concern and careful attention she guards my sleep and drives away the nightmares. She gifts me with a unique point of view when discussing any issue, without judgement or derision. Her voice soothes my jangling nerves and calms my frantic heartbeat. And she accepts me without reservation.

With all these things, she makes it safe for me to be me with her and with the rest of the world.

My Lulu, my happiness, my safe place.

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