Intelligence Rules

Day 3 for this week-long positivity challenge. I’m feeling confident I can do this!

The thing I’m thankful for and that lifted my spirit today: the intelligence, patience, respectfulness and perseverance of those who advocate for all people to be treated with love and respect.

In particular, I’m thinking about the Twitter debate S. Bear Bergman had today with a particularly insistent Christian minister. This minister chose to engage with Bear about an article he wrote for HuffPo. In the article Bear used satire as emphasis as he described his personal “homo agenda”: the radical idea that EVERYONE, including LGBTQIA+ folks, are loving and deserve love and his personal mission to indoctrinate as many children as possible to this agenda.

S. Bear Bergman, you’re an amazing person, you have mad debating skills, and demonstrated that intelligence, logic and respect can coexist and produce great results. I salute you, sir. And I thank you for your advocacy.

Here’s the Storify of the Twitter debate.

Go here for Bear’s article.

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