Where would you go?

Today’s Writing 101 prompt: Day Two: A Room with a View

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

— — — — —

Predictably, where I’d go first if I had the ability to instantly transport myself anywhere, is to Australia, to the home of my beloved. Long distance relationships suck in this aspect: not getting to share the same space with the one you love, except in short, too infrequent intervals that cost a lot of energy to achieve. But that cost pales in comparison to the burden on the soul from not loving where your heart takes you.

So I’d beam, Star Trek-style, to pick up my girl. Then, because travel is cost-less in this fantasy, we’d escape reality together. Our hideaway would be a glorious cabin in an alpine wood, secluded from the world, accessible only by air (or teleportation 😃). We would have a stunning view of the evergreen covered slopes of a mountain valley. Our cabin’s great room would have floor to ceiling windows at one end, affording us the opportunity to rest in comfort and warmth while watching snow fall on the sentinel pines.

When we tired of the chill beauty of the mountain hideaway, we’d use our transporter to visit a secluded beach with fine sand and crystal blue waters and convenient palm trees for shade. The rhythm of the tides and the sun-warmed sands will lull us to sleep under the stars.

Next we’ll whisk away to see sights we’ve only seen in books or movies. We’ll explore the pyramids of Giza and gape at their enormity. We’ll stare in awe at the artistry and skill of the ancient masters in the museums around the world. We’ll experience the flavors of Italy, Japan, Russia and Argentina. We’ll view natural wonders and man-made diversions. And we’ll find places, wherever we go, to be still and quiet together, present in that space only for one another.

You see, for me, the lure of anyplace is only it’s capacity to allow me to be with her. If we could be together in the same place, it need not be anywhere glamorous or opulent. It need only be a place of safety and afford privacy. I don’t need exotic locations or luxurious amenities. I just need to be with her.


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