So, after a month of daily writing  prompts for Writing 101, I have a set of new posts of which I am rather proud. I really quite enjoyed doing the challenge. 

But I’ve struggled since the challenge ended to devise my own writing prompts. I can’t seem to locate my motivation. Not in the sense of the will to write, nor interest in the art of writing. Rather, motivation in the sense of a creative spark or inspiration for what to write. 
Seems I’m not as much an independent thinker as I thought. It’s too easy to rely on a push from the ether to provide the motivation. No thinking required. At least, not until the prompt is received. 
But, in an effort to be a”real” blogger, posting something without the prompting of an unseen director from the ether, here are four random thoughts that likely have no relationship to one another or to any recent post:
1.  Sometimes all meanness, vitriol and irrational trolling remarks on social media and in what passes for entertainment programming on TV sets my nerves on edge and makes me feel so agitated and unwell that I want to turn everything off and be isolated from all sensory input. 
2.  I have reached a level of bowtie addiction that will soon force me to either downsize my collection or upsize my dresser drawers. 
3.  The knee-jerk response of pointing out that all lives or identities or genders or what-have-yous matter when someone (usually the minority in question) wants to talk special about why [xxx minority] demographic needs support is disrespectful and both ignores and perpetuates the problem that minority faces. It is also infuriating and a bush-league oppression tactic. 
4.  I’m weary. On many levels. But the most pressing effect of my weariness at the moment is that it has eroded what little patience I have cultivated over the last decade to the point where I almost need to broadcast a public service announcement warning all idiots and asshats to avoid exhausting my last nerve or bear the consequences. 
Bonus fun fact:  tacos are the perfect food to pick you up on any terrible-awful-no-good-very-bad days because it’s impossible not to smile when you have a taco in your hand ready for crunching! 
There you have it. My disconnected random thoughts. I wish you tacos and long naps. 😎

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  1. MainelyButch on

    I agree fully on the taco comment…today was a crappy day for me but my taco lunch surely did put a smile on my face – albeit brief, I did smile! 🙂

  2. SingTravelAct on

    Ha! I served my kids tacos today after a long day and three days of sickness in the house, and it totally did the trick. Love it!

  3. […] might be an impatience thing. After all, I did just admit in a recent post that muggles are grinding down my very last nerve. But I think it’s more than my being […]

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