More random 

Until I get my inspirational mojo back, I’m going to try to keep writing and rely on randomness and lists as crutches to keep me going. 

Here’s a few random things floating around my head right now. (Meant to post last night, so these are from Wednesday 13th.)

  1. Sometimes I fear I’m running out of words. As if I’ve used up anything original in my head and now I’m just into recycling the words and thoughts I had before. One day, I might exhaust even the used words and be left mute forever. 
  2. Related to the above, somewhat, but still random: I find myself repeating the phrase “It is important that you understand” at increasing frequency and in diverse situations lately. It’s as if the recycled, plain words I have to use are too pale and flimsy to carry my meaning. For some reason, nearly all my work conversations and some personal ones, include some form of that plea. I just want to be understood. It’s important. 
  3. On a lighter note, I had an incredibly validating and ego-boosting discussion with outside counsel today. From time to time, everyone needs to feel that they’re smart and right and making good decisions. Especially when it comes to leadership judgement on behalf of your employer. Nice, too, when that validation of your professional skill comes in front of a group of your peers and boss. Walking a little taller this afternoon. 
  4. Burnt sunflower seeds are the worst! EVAR!!

Bonus inspirational thought for *yet another* rainy day:  grass and trees are greener, cars less dusty, air is nicer to breathe when it rains, so…wet is good. 😜

    3 comments so far

    1. ginafasano on

      I often feel the same way. That I’m running out of words, and I have nothing left to say. I find myself becoming increasingly withdrawn into my own head as a result.

      • Searching4Self2013 on

        It’s anxious and uncomfortable, isn’t it?

        • ginafasano on

          Very. And I already have anxiety issues, so it just exacerbates the situation.

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