Quick Hits

Just a few odds and ends to round out the weekend:
  • I spent today watching cheesy made-for-TV movies with my sister-in-law. We hung out in our PJs, had sandwiches. Chatted about nothing. Hollered at the idiots on TV about to get clobbered by the obvious villain standing behind them. Laughed at the absurdity. Thoroughly enjoyed the hokeyness of it all. It was a wonderful Sunday. 

  • I like Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato a lot. The little caramel truffles inside are a good bonus. 
  • I may not be a marketing expert, but I am an experienced consumer and I know what I like. I also know what I don’t like and what’s insulting. The trend lately among advertisers to insult intelligence, appeal to base emotions and rely on the grossly absurd to “boost” their brands is infuriating. And only makes me NOT buy their stuff.  I mute the tv or change the channel to avoid the worst of them. But stupid commercials proliferate and I’m over it. 
  • Harry Potter books on CD are soooo addictive. That’s all that plays in my truck. Just about to finish Prisoner of Azkaban…again. I love these stories (except Order of the Phoenix, which I despise as the most unfair, frustrating book ever written), but the more I listen to them, the more questions I have. Chiefest among them is: why does no one talk to each other in this world? I know, I know…tension, story arch, yada yada yada. Still, tell me that Harry wouldn’t have been better off if Lupin hadn’t explained his relationship to James and their boyhood shenanigans during one of those dementor sessions, rather than waiting for Harry to do something desperate! (Yes, I know, I’m a bit too invested in a children’s story for a grown butch. So sue me.)
  • My iTunes shuffle is getting stale. I need new music, but haven’t heard anything I really like. What’s the best way to find good new music?

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