It might be an impatience thing. After all, I did just admit in a recent post that muggles are grinding down my very last nerve. But I think it’s more than my being irascible. I think some people just simply check out…stop thinking, reasoning, working, taking responsibility…and expect others to bear their load on top of their own. 

Here’s what I’m on about:  Personal responsibility is implicit in all social contracts (work, friendship, parenting, participating in representative democratic (or republican, depending on your viewpoint) government, etc.) and that duty requires mental effort, to varying degrees, but effort all the same. And when we permit others to abdicate their responsibility to think for themselves, then (to paraphrase the immortal words of Doctor Sheldon Cooper) “if that social contract breaks down, then all social contracts break down and we descend into anarchy”. 
Ok, maybe that’s a little melodramatic. But the problem is real and it is terribly annoying. 
Let me ‘splain…no, it’ll take too long, let me sum up…

(And yes, for those of you keeping score, I did just hit the trifecta of snarky pop culture references in a single post–Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, and Princess Bride.)
…I think for a living. I make big, hard, multi-million dollar decisions on a daily basis that influence the performance of a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company. At least eighteen people’s careers are in my hands. I have plenty of responsibility, thank you very much. Extra helpings of burden, simply because others are too lazy to do their own thinking, are not welcome. 
My brain is busy. Please use your own. 

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