29 Days: Off and running 

A few days ago I posted about my desire to reboot my commitment to this blog and to finding positive motivation, joy in my life. I put myself on a month-long program to post something every day and find at least one good thing (OGT) in every day in the month of February.  

Today I begin. 

Which is appropriate, since I’m at my company’s sales kickoff for this year, which also began today. As is the way with any type of rally, spirits are running high and there’s a general feeling of opportunity and positivity and possibility. Like most people, I love that shared social high. It seems like a springboard, a big ol’ boost of energy that makes every task seem achievable, easy. 

But even if it’s not easy and achieving all the goals will take a lot of work, I am encouraged by the fact that the company recognizes the value of the mountain-top experience and invests in this event on behalf of the employees. It sets the tone for the rest of the year. And the time spent by the executives, listening and interacting, underscores the importance of this event and the messages being promoted here. 

Setting aside the hype and adrenaline of this event spectacle, the substantive information, the theme and tone and the networking opportunity that this event represents reaffirm my belief in my company’s direction. And that’s a very good thing. 


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