29 Days: Listiness

Not just one good thing today, but 5!

  1. It’s Friday…finally! Been a long week, notwithstanding that I only completed 2.75 full work days this week. I’m ready for it to be over. 
  2. The sun has shone all day long. First time in weeks. Temps were still frigid, but at least there was sunshine. 
  3. I have Monday off! Long weekend, woohoo!
  4. I achieved something using my brain today. It wasn’t earthshaking, but it was good work of my own and it felt good to do it. 
  5. Despite the chaos of the week, I feel good about my work and am leaving the office at a decent hour without anything unfinished. I’ll pick up on Tuesday with a fresh start. 

I hope you have many great things to celebrate in your day, too! Happy weekend! 


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