29 Days: Two for One 

So I’ve fallen into a habit of extreme relaxation on the weekends. Not gonna lie: I am enjoying the sleep and laziness. But it seems to also result in missing posts on Saturday. So here are two OGTs for this weekend, one for yesterday and one for today:

Saturday:  My hair had reached the I-can’t-stand-it-one-more-minute length. Unruly, sticking up in odd places, and making my neck itch…it had to go. But by the time I got to my usual place, it was closed. So I took a flier on the dude place around the corner. Best haircut experience I’ve ever had. Nice stylist. Head & neck massage while being shampooed. Tingly shampoo and nice-smelling pomade. Love the freshly cut feeling. A great haircut is one very good thing in any day. 

Sunday:  I love my DVR. I don’t get to watch tv much during the week. I like being able to record shows I like and watch several in the time it takes to watch one live. Skipping commercials is the jam! I despise the intelligence-insulting, gross-out, sexist and absurd ads that pervade today’s tv. But I can fast forward through them at 6x speed and compress watching a show into about a third of the standard runtime. I love that. TV watching may be a time sink, but I like the ability to turn off the stress from a demanding job and yet feel like I’m still engaged in something. Relaxing on the weekend with a few episodes of a favorite show is one good thing in my book. 

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