Accountability Quickie

Earlier this week I challenged myself to find at least two positive/good/happy thoughts or things whenever I found myself grumbling or thinking negatively. Well, it’s April 18th and still freezing and snowing. Snowing! So, yes, I’m definitely grumbling. 

But I’m committed to positivity and follow-through, so here are three positive, mildly happy things to balance it out:

  1. I’m late to the party, but I’ve recently discovered the joys of almond butter. What a great snack! Quick, easy for on the go, good protein and gives me an energy boost, deliciously tasty, and guilt-free! 
  2. Professional respect from your counterparts in negotiations is so validating. It goes a long way to resolving disputes and costs nothing. I’m always glad to give respect where it’s due, and very glad to receive it in return. Had the pleasure of having a mediator in a dispute I’m managing compliment my professionalism and acknowledge my patience, giving me a lot of hope that we’re going to be able to resolve this soon. Satisfying. 
  3. It’s been a few weeks since I started my bullet journal and I’ve been successful at keeping it up. I’m still not sure that I’m using it to it’s full potential, but I’m doing it. That’s a win for now. 

Ok, there’s my attempt at re-framing from negative to positive. I’m still not liking the snow swirling against my office window, but I do feel better about consciously choosing positivity. 

I hope your day is full of good things to keep your spirits hopeful. 

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