Random and also late

So why not compound a weekly goal miss with another plus a list-y cop-out post? I’m going to get this posting goal back on track if it kills me. But for now, here are some random things from my week that I thought you should know:

  1. it is 173 steps from my desk to the bathroom at my work. That’s a long way when you’re having to do the pee-pee dance!
  2. Watching Ewoks drop rocks on Storm Troopers’ heads from hang gliders never gets old.
  3. Converging court filing deadlines in three litigation matters in a single week totally blows. But getting to be the hero by re-writing outside counsel’s interrogatory response at the last minute in one case while also managing a settlement offer in another is totally awesome. Especially so when your boss publicly thanks you for making his job easy.
  4. Getting a head and neck massage with a haircut makes me happy.
  5. Chewing anything with only your front four teeth is really weird and makes having dinner an extremely long and tedious experience. But on the plus side, chewing anything at all after a month’s worth of mushy glop feels great despite the weird chipmunk-chewing.

Have a great week, my friends!

1 comment so far

  1. Widdershins on

    Congratulations on your four-toof chewing. 🙂

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