Coping with the Sky

I’ve had a couple of extremely high stress days with the added bonus of high anxiety along for the ride. Sleep is still next to nonexistent and I’m having trouble keeping my tongue on the civil side.

But I’m trying out a coaching group to try learning new skills to tackle the anxiety. Only had one meeting so far (last night) and, honestly, I think I’ve had more anxiety today trying to assimilate what I heard and schedule time to do the homework than I had before I signed up. But I’m going to see it through and give it a fair chance to help me. Something has to work eventually, right?

Until then, I have to find ways to cope with it all. Indeed, identifying what I do to cope is one of the homework assignments. So, bonus, I get a post to keep my streak alive and do a bit of my workshop work at the same time. Win!

I already know one thing I’ve always done to cope with stress – I look up at the sky. #Lookingup is sort of meta, in that the activity serves to lift my head physically as well as lift my heart and spirit. Watching the sky change from moment to moment, seeing the beauty in its infinite variety and depth, watching the birds revel in the freedom of their wings through its vast spaces, and hearing the movement of air through the trees all make for a relaxing, uplifting experience. I’m particularly fascinated with the light of the sunrise through the bare branches of trees – the interplay between light, color and shadow never fails to awe my mind and calm my spirit.

Taking pictures of sunrise, sunset and everything in between that occupies the sky is a favorite pastime. I’ve posted quite a few of these on this blog and I hope they haven’t worn out their welcome from you all, especially since there’s a lack of variety among their locations. I do tend to be near my office for most morning and evening sky opportunities.

Since this week has already proven itself to be impossibly difficult, it’s only right to acknowledge the beauty of this week’s skies. Here is a sunrise from Sunday, as well as sunrise and sunset from today. These glimpses of heavenly loveliness have been the best parts of my week so far.

I hope you are finding beauty all around you and good ways to cope with what’s not so lovely in your world.

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  1. Widdershins on

    Beautiful sky pics. 😀

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