Creative Piece #1

One of the goals I set for this year, keying off of the primary objectives I carried through from last year, was to publish on this blog at least one creative writing piece per quarter. It’s part of the Nurturing My Spirit/Creativity objective. I believe that feeding my creative spirit helps make me a better version of me.

But sharing the outcome of creative activity requires risking vulnerability – what if everyone hates it, what if it’s no good and so bad that everyone laughs? Those are real fears. But I can’t let fear win. Taking the risk and sharing, knowing that someone (even people whose opinions matter) might laugh or worse, is the price of progress and growth.

So, here’s me taking the risk. This is a raw, unedited piece that came to me last night as I lay, not sleeping – again – in my cool, dark bedroom, trying to still my mind and rest. It has no meter or rhyme and barely qualifies as creative. But it is the work of my mind and I’m counting it toward this quarter’s goal.

In the still, cool dark

Sometimes I need to just be

Still and quiet, breathing

Lying down or sitting up

Simply existing in the moment

Sitting calmly in the quiet

Experiencing the cool darkness

Not thinking, not planning

Simply being someone apart

Silence is rare

There are hums and clicks and groans

Sounds normally lost in the noise of life

Simple silence requires effort

Alone in a cool, dark room

Listening to the sound that’s not quite silence

Breathing, existing, knowing without thought

Simply dwelling with myself at rest

Stillness is not the same as peace or rest

But taking refuge in being still brings both

Courageously occupying the void of thought and sound

Being, simply at one

2 comments so far

  1. Widdershins on

    Damn good! πŸ˜€ … it more than qualifies as creative. Keep ’em coming. πŸ˜€

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