Everyday Positives

Trying to get back to being more positive. With the pressure of quarter end and prepping for trial and sleep deprivation, I’ve had less luck with that over the last several weeks than I’d like. So, to help myself get back into that habitual mindset, I was thinking of some everyday things that make me happy. Here’s an incomplete list, in random order, of some good things that have made this latest stretch of stressful, anxiety-filled days bearable:

  • The surprise of seeing new leaves on trees that were barren just the night before.
  • Good coffee.
  • The return of birdsong as my morning soundtrack.
  • New stories by authors I admire.
  • Crisp, freshly pressed dress shirts and stylish bow ties.
  • The satisfaction of finishing a short story and submitting it to a call for submissions to a real publisher.
  • The sincere respect and appreciation of professional colleagues whom you also respect and admire.

I hope you find plenty of good things to count as blessings in your own life. And may you have plentiful green growth, sunshine and birdsong to brighten your week. Be well, friends!

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  1. Widdershins on

    Great list. 🙂 … the maple tree outside my study window has finally decided it’s warm enough to start popping out her leaves, overnight. 🙂

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