I hope you won’t be disappointed that you don’t find a deep and meaningful essay revealing my inner self. Truth is, I’m in the process of finding out who that person is, hence my handle: Searching4Self

This blog is an effort to get out of my own head a bit. Thought I’d try putting some of this discovery stuff out into the universe to help it come true.

A few fun facts about me: I’m a 40-something corporate lawyer in the middle of America’s fly-over country. I’m a gadget geek, sci-fi movie buff, and music lover. Can’t stand horror films, the color brown, or Brussels sprouts. I love American football, chicken & wild rice soup, and R2D2. I’m a masculine-of-center (wherever that is) woman on a roller coaster of self discovery.

Thanks for stopping by to read. Leave me a comment to help me on my journey.

~ Searching4Self

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  1. A Spare Mind on

    i like this. although i’m sad for the color brown! looking forward to reading! 🙂

  2. Katfrog on

    I am a 40s, ex-corporate person, who is a stay-at-home mom/writer. I read your post about Butch and the TSA, and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

    If you get curious about me, my blog is at katfrog.wegrok.net


  3. annelwing on

    Hello Searching4Self,

    One comment that has often helped me on this life’s journey is,
    “We are all spiritual beings having human experiences.” author unknown

    We all have an inner magnetic force that grows as we grow – almost like the compass needle that searches for true north.
    Sometimes the magnetic force grows too large and speeds up our thoughts so dramatically that we find it almost impossible to connect with ourselves, We develop a great urgency to find our true north and when we can’t we begin to run faster and faster until we can run no further. We don’t know which way to turn. We then come to a complete halt and remain in place waiting, listening, sensing. Gradually we become aware of our breathing and eventually we return to our inner comfort zone, the one we forgot due to our worldly busyness.

    Some ways I know I’ve found my true north again – when I take time to listen to beautiful music, when I take my camera on daily walks and observe nature’s beauty, when I sit quietly and watch the wind blowing the branches of the dancing trees, when I stand on the ledges at the ocean’s edge with all senses alive and pleasured by the sounds of the ocean, the gulls, the warmth of the sun and firmness of the earth under my feet, when I smell the briny sea scents and taste the salt on my lips, and deeply inhale the intoxicating sweetness of the wild sea roses.

    True you may not have an ocean over America’s middle, the point is whatever makes you feel alive and whole, be in that, do that, become that consciously, mindfully and stay present to experience all the sensations of being alive. That inner quiet is where our true self dwells.

    And one other thing. You are not alone on the journey to self. Look around. Notice. There are many others and though we each walk alone, we may choose to do so together.

    Welcome to this journey. “Don’t forget to smell the roses”. Smiling at you, Anne

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Hi, Ann. Thanks for reading & commenting. Beautiful imagery about the things that make you feel alive. And, you’re right, finding inner peace is the goal of self discovery. I’m glad our paths have found a parallel course for a time. Good luck on your journey, as well!

  4. Buddha steps on

    Know you on Twitter; just got started w/blog. I will be a long-time reader, that’s for sure. I feel a kindred spirit, even if I am 30 yrs. older than you are. Hope things have mellowed a bit w/you. Will DM you on Twitter w/email addy *if* you feel like talking. That’s an offer, not a demand!
    Best of luck with all your life, my friend, both the sweetness and the sour.

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      I’m honored at your readership, following, and kindness. Yes, please, on the email. Thanks so much! And best of luck to you, as well. May the sweetness always overpower the sour.

  5. Widdershins on

    Hey there … Widds here … there’s no comments option on your latest post, ‘Cautiously Hopeful, or Hopelessly Optimistic?’ … did you turn ‘comments’ off or is WP having another hissy fit again?

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      Hmm, odd. I didn’t turn it off. I’ll check it out. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Searching4Self2013 on

      I think it’s WP being weird. Settings show comments enabled. If you don’t see it fixed soon, feel free to send me comments by email at: searching4self at rocketmail dot com.

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