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No Context

Quick post to keep the streak going. No context. Just some random pictures from the last couple of weeks of things that have made me smile.

Another Professional Positive

I seem to write about my job a lot lately and it’s probably boring and borderline boasting. I don’t wish to bore you, nor to be boorish in my recounting of things in which I take pride. Yet, to be true to my positivity goal, I like to share these little good things from the part of my life that occupies the bulk of my waking hours. So I’ll keep this one short.

This week, after traveling all last week, has been rather high-stress. Lots of demands for my time and pressure being put on my team, plus seemingly endless conference calls, all make for a brutally exhausting week that isn’t even over yet. My brain today is particularly tested after back-to-back calls that started at 6am and lasted through noon, only to pick up again an hour later. But I’ve somehow remained present, engaged and professional, even avoiding being rude and dismissive when confronted with truly inane questions from folks who should know better.

But the shining star of positivity for me today came from a series of conversations with my boss. We’ve been working through a bunch of thorny issues in various litigation matters for months now. Today we spoke several times, strategizing approaches to address each issue and brainstorming resources and reference materials to include in those solutions. It’s substantive lawyering and executive decision-making rolled into one. I’m proud that in every conversation I was clear and confident in making my points, debating with insight and professional skill without resorting to emotion or logical fallacies to emphasize my concerns. And, without prompting, my boss complimented my precision and insight, making it clear he appreciates my contribution to the process.

Being the boss rocks, but being a trusted advisor and confidant to my boss is even better. One very good thing on this long, tiring day.

I hope you’re finding inspiration from your own successes and enjoying the beginning of Autumn (in the Northern, Spring in the Southern hemisphere). Be well my friends!

Tiny Bit of Catch-Up

It’s been too long and too much has happened in my life since my last post to truly catch you all up. But I haven’t forgotten about this blog or any of you faithful readers who still remain despite my neglect. Here’s a quick hit list of a few things I want to share with you all. 

  1. I had a neat experience today. I was asked to move into an office in the executive suite. While it puts me very close to my boss, it also puts me in a situation I’ve never experienced before – I now have the support of an executive assistant. It was weird to have her bring my mail, ask if she could help with my unpacking, and generally just be very supportive. Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about it, since I’m so used to fending for myself. But I’ll admit it’s pretty nice! 
  2. Stress is a fact of life for everyone, to some degree. It is an unavoidable facet of being a corporate executive and attorney. I’m used to it in some ways. But it’s been sustained and even building for months and I’m exhausted. Balance. It eludes me and taunts my mind. I very much want to get back to a balance (or semblance of it) between rest and demand. I need to find that mythical happy medium of work-life. Dunno how to get there. Anybody got a map?
  3. It’s fall again. Soon (tomorrow!?) it will freeze and my eyes will stop itching and burning to the point of rage and I’ll be so happy! It also means better, more colorful skies, especially at sunrise and sunset. That I’m usually at my office for both events is a bit sad. But look at these pics from this week. Almost worth always being at work just for this! Mornings on top, evenings on bottom: 
  4. Blade Runner 2049 was a bitter disappointment to me. I know this is an unpopular opinion. Too bad – they could have done so much with the talent and resources they poured into that movie, but settled for what I can only describe as pedestrian, predictable, gratuitous flash over substance. What a shame. 
  5. My Vikings don’t suck too badly this season…yet. I have my annual hopes up and fervently hope they don’t dash them to pieces. Fingers crossed!
  6. BONUS:  I’m sticking with my moratorium on social media. Though this blog posts to Twitter, I haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook since the election – nearly a year and I don’t regret it. Even though I miss the interaction with friends, the hate and stress and anxiety I don’t miss. It’s just too hard on my heart and mind to be so saturated by all that negativity. So, I’m waving hello to all my Tweeps and online pals as this posts. I hope y’all are doing well. But I won’t be back online any time soon. 

Peace and love and light to you all. 

Thankful for…changing seasons

Autumn is my favorite time if year. Always has been. I love the way the air smells, fragrant with leaves and wood smoke and frost. I love the colors of the world around me, as well as all the decor that folks adopt–rich, warm jewel tones and bright, sunny golden themes. I love the flavors that mark the season, also rich, warm and spicy. It is a time of change, but hopeful, not sad.

The change from any season to the next is always magical for me. I can be happy in any weather, though high heat and I aren’t the best of friends. Still, every season has it’s magic and I love to see how the earth lives through the changing of the seasons.

I’m grateful I live in a place where the seasons do change and more than just from frozen to blistering hot and back. 🙂 I’m thankful to get to witness the dynamics of change in nature and in people, from slumber to awakening to vibrant life and back to slumber. It’s steady, beautiful evolution is a source of joy on so many levels.

Here are a few favorite pics from the seasons I’ve experienced in this, a personal water-shed year:










Mish-mash Bullets

– This isn’t the post I planned to publish, nor did I plan to post it today. I had planned to post (and had nearly finished writing) an entirely different thought on Saturday. But then a new iPhone, two separate iOS updates, three back-ups and two synch attempts happened. In the process, my draft post was deleted, all my past notes were replicated in triplicate, and I lost the will to try again. :-/ Luckily, I got over myself and am now working from a completely updated new iPhone and I’m a happy butch.

– One happy side effect of the new mobile device (that I’m hoping not to jinx by saying (writing?) it out loud) is better connectivity and sound/image quality on Skype. Special Femme is excited to get to see me clearly and I’m thrilled to get to see her more often without so many dropped calls. Fingers crossed it continues!

– I had a moment of clarity the other day. I won’t call it an epiphany, because it’s too small for such a lofty term. I just had a glimmer of insight into an aspect of life that my narrow world view pre-Special Femme prevented me from seeing clearly. In brief, the topic is self image and how that intersects with others’ perception of me. I have a running joke, of sorts (more a low-grade battle of wills), going with Lulu. She likes to use effusive words to compliment me (which make me blush) and I like to deflect and turn the compliment on to her, who I feel actually deserves it. But the other day she changed tactics slightly: she was careful to clarify that, to her personal sensibilities, she was absolutely accurate in her description of me. See, that’s just sneaky, using my own lawyering tactics against me! But that also gives me an important insight into my own mind. I see me in a particular way and irrationally believe that everyone else sees me, if not the same way as I see myself, at least all see me in the same way as each other. (I see X, so you all must see X, but if not, you all must see the same Y or the same Z). But that leaves no room for individuality. If there’s infinite individuality in expression, then it follows there is infinite individuality in perception of that expression. So, while Lulu and I may still disagree on the clinical accuracy of her observations of my person, I at least now can make room in my head for the possibility that she’s not entirely crazy (kidding, my lovely!). 😉

– Also, might as well touch on the coming out question. In short: it’s not going anywhere. The pressure to do it builds every day. I’m making plans to bring Special Femme to my home for a visit in a few months, so it’s gotta happen. Soon. But I’m just stuck in a negative loop that I can’t seem to break. Every conversation I envision seems to turn angry and I can’t figure out why. Every actual coming out talk I’ve had with friends and co-workers has been positive and uplifting. So why can’t I believe that’s the way it will go with my brothers? Am I sabotaging myself, or is my subconscious picking up indicators I don’t see overtly? I dunno. But it’s gonna start having an impact on things soon and I need to get out of this rut!! Who has helpful, practical tips?

– But let’s end on an up note: fall color! It’s actually almost over. But I’ve been blessed to see some really pretty color in my town and the surrounding country lately. Here are a few faves:








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